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Alexander Shchetynsky

Trajectories of Sound
for concert band (2007, rev. 2008)

Trajectory in physics is a curve of movement of the solid relatively to the stationary object. In the orchestra poem Trajectories of Sound several thematic structures (motives and chords) move around stable sound combination of a triton c f-sharp. Mobile elements become a subject of variations; they make expressive melodic lines and dense polyphonic interlacements that undergo an intensive motivic, thematic and textural elaboration. Compositional technique includes elements of spectral harmony, non-classical tonality, free atonality and modality; its basic factor is melodical and timbral transformation. Initial lyrical and meditative character of music gradually transforms into dramatic narration that explodes with tragic climax followed by scherzo-like shimmering and melancholy descending movement-singing. In the last climax the passages turn into "music of spheres" beaming spectral chord that embraces the widest sound range.

Alexander Shchetynsky

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2007 by Alexander Shchetynsky