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Alexander Shchetynsky

Studies of Motion and Gestures
for Oboe, Marimba, Piano, Cello and Contrabass

The cycle consists of five brief movements contrasting each other by character and type of expression:

1. A sequence of unbalanced loud melodic lines and their reflections in indifferent soft motives. Agitation and indifference follow each other without a break and permeate each other.
2. Long frozen chords with persistent repetition of the high tones are interrupted with the episode full of dramatic tension.
3. Perpetuum mobile. Interlacing of fast light passages. Unclear muttering.
4. Fast marching is permanently broken with sharp strikes.
5. Endless sorrow melody moves little by little from the middle register to the lowest.

The sound images of the piece are strange and eccentric, like in a dream or in surrealistic painting. Their brief development in each movement may be regarded as a study of a certain kind of expression, outlined in motion and gestures.

The work is dedicated to the saxophonist and conductor Marc Sieffert.

Alexander Shchetynsky

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2007 by Alexander Shchetynsky