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F. Nietzsche

5 Pieces

Compiled and orchestrated by Alexander Shchetynsky (2012)

Piano pieces by Friedrich Nietzsche were written probably in 1860s or in the beginning of 1870s (in the age of 29 Nietzsche stopped writing music). Unlike in his philosophy, in music he was neither radical nor stylistically original. Influences of Chopin, Schumann and other great romantics can be clearly heard in his piano works. For this orchestral suite I have chosen pieces from different cycles, some of them are known as single pieces. The first two titles – Hungarian March and Mazurka – are original (it is interesting that their time signatures and rhythmical structures contradict to traditional march and mazurka). The original titles of the next pieces are Aus der Csárdá, das "Fragment an sich" and  Da geht ein Bach (the last is the author's transcription of his song of the same name).

Nietzsche was not a skilful composer, but this cannot hide the charm of his naive motives and simple harmonies. Sure the best part of his music legacy may expand traditional concert repertoire.

Alexander Shchetynsky

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