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Alexander Shchetynsky

for flute and orchestra

In Flute Concerto, like in other my works, I sought to avoid violence against the sound material and achieve an effect of its self-moving and self-development. I was interested in sound as such which does not need to be aggressively affected  from outside and is able to be transformed from inside due to its natural qualities, similar to living creature.

The main attribute of the sound substance here is its constant fluctuation and instability that does not lead, however, to frequent contrasts and fragmentation. Quite the contrary, in this work one can find predominance of gradual development of several thematic and motivic structures common to all three movements.

There was used free atonal technique and twelve-tone harmony being expanded by quarter-tone alterations. Solo flute is an “initiator” of all processes; in its part there occur the most intensive modifications of sound that are executed on several layers: timbral, textural, pitch, rhythmical, registeral, etc. Comparatively not large orchestra is often considered as an ensemble of soloists.

Concerto consists of three movements (slow - fast - slow); each of them has built in free although formally closed form.

The work was awarded the Second prize at the Third Witold Lutoslawski International Composers' Competition in Poland in 1995. It was premiered in 1997 in Warsaw by Jadwiga Kotnowska and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Wojciech Michniewski.

Alexander Shchetynsky

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