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Alexander Shchetynsky

Face to Star
for chamber ensemble

This work reveals my approach to the romanticism in contemporary art. This corresponds to the title of the piece which may be interpreted in different aspects: religious, psychological, universally metaphorical, etc.

The idea of writing new romantic music without using any traditional stereotypes and cliche, I believe, is very promising. I try to prove it in this piece. Its musical language is based on the combination of free atonality and modality. Extended melodic lines are juxtaposed with hyper-polyphonic layers, while timbre often acquires not only independency but also a leading role.

Like in other my compositions, I sought to avoid violence against sound material and tried to achieve the effect of self-development of sound structures. This idea applies to conception of “non-repressive culture” that might become a part of natural and free (though probably unrealizable) world’s order.

Alexander Shchetynsky

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