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Alexander Shchetynsky

1st version for saxophone quartet (1999)
2nd version for clarinet quartet (Cl. in B/Cl. picc. in Es, Cl. in B, Alto Cl., Bass Cl.) (2007)

Metaphorical comment:
The sound procession goes along its way;
someone leaves forward;
others turn in the party, are located, run across each other road, pursue one another;
one guy imagines, that he conducts them; others trust him;
the inertia does not allow to be grouped in time;
- temporary associations, walking in one rhythm; -
no doubts;
fragments of broken object;
mystical vision;
fading of energy;
barracking, whisper, rustling...
Do we realize absurdity and inevitability of this marching?

Technical comment:
The piece is written in free atonal technique. It is characterized by irregular rhythm, mostly polyphonic texture, moderate using of new techniques of sound production, various types of articulation and sound emission. The initial structures are developed almost without interruption towards climax section, after which music gradually calms down. Strong emotional tension is mixed here with some elegancy, as well as concerto style that gives the musicians a chance to show their virtuosity.

Thankful comment:
Cortège (1st version) is dedicated to the Stockholm Saxophone Quartet. This excellent ensemble performed the piece for the first time at the 5th International Contemporary Music Festival Contrasts in Lviv, Ukraine, in October 1999. An alternative version for clarinet quartet was made on suggestion of Latvian clarinet quartet Quattro Differente.

Alexander Shchetynsky

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