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Alexander Shchetynsky

Con Re
for Four Flutes, Alto Saxophone, Violin and Cello

The piece enters with a web of melodic lines played by the wind instruments. They interflow into a dense timbral stream, other time scatter into sparkles of separated motives, may freeze in a vibrating chord or turn into a sad and coldish choral. Flexibility and changeableness are characteristic features of all sounding elements except just one of them - the tone d continuously performed by the strings, like a small island of stability. Not once this tone is drowned with the winds, but the violinist and the cellist persistently play it, even when it becomes indiscernible for a long time (this introduces purely visual element of musical theatre). Warm colour of the strings makes its way through the coldness and indifference of the winds. Will it reach us?

Alexander Shchetynsky

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2000 by Alexander Shchetynsky