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Alexander Shchetynsky

for clarinet, bass clarinet, viola and cello

It is an attempt to discover poetry in almost imperceptible deviations of sound colours, in comparing textures different in their density, in unexpected changes of registries, in free sequence of brief motives, passages, trills, sustained sounds that suddenly slide away loosing their pitch... A combination of instrumental style and vocal allusions... Various types of expressiveness... Everything is shown just in hints that become an inspiration to fantasy and stimulate it to continue the idea, to disclose the hidden allusion, to recollect the forgotten dream...

The work is conceived as an initial part of a large chamber cycle of not long pieces that might be performed both separately and one after another forming a united composition. Each piece is to be scored for different combination of solo instruments.

Alexander Shchetynsky

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2000 by Alexander Shchetynsky